What we do

<< At Academic Arena, we do “Everything Education” >>


>> Dissemination of Academic Information 

Academic Arena is committed to providing first-hand information on matters relating to education and academics. This include:

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>> Study Abroad

Study in North Cyprus, Australia, Canada and USA.

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>> Exam Registration

We offer registration for local and foreign examinations like JAMB, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc., at very reasonable prices.

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>> Tutoring Service

Our tutoring service help interested individuals identify and locate suitable tutors, making preparations for local and foreign examinations easy.

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>> Recovery of Lost Items/Documents

We help pupils, students, and parents recover vital items/documents such as ID cards, International passports, certificates, results, licenses, etc. that have been misplaced.

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>> Partnership

In our activities, we partner with:

We welcome new partnerships.

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>> Complain resolution

In an event where individuals, colleges, or institutions feel cheated or marginalized, we intervene to help resolve the problem. We particularly encourage students in higher institutions to report (if need be, as anonymous reporters) cases of malpractices and abuses. 

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>> Educational Contracts

We conduct a range of educational contracts:

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>> Other Services

We attend to specific needs of individuals, colleges and institutions. Please contact us for any other educational matters.